Life is full of love. We all know that every day, no matter what happens, love will remain. But on Valentine’s Day, we are making it very special to each one of us. It’s not just about showing love to your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, but to every person we love around us. If you are single, a single mother or do not have a partner in life, maybe this one is for you!

I’ll give you some ways on how to make this day special even without a partner , but with your best friend, friends, daughter or son, your family and to all the people whom you are comfortable with.


1. Make valentine cards



This is the most commonly used gifts especially by most of the children, for their teachers, classmates and members of the family. It’s good to be given as a gift because it can be kept for a couple of years, and you can always read whatever is written even when the person who gave it is far away from you.

2. D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) gifts


Those gifts are better to give because it is customized, personally made by you. It will be much appreciated because of the effort. Always remember that it’s the thought that counts.

3. Give them roses or chocolates



It looks sweet when you are giving roses or chocolates to your family and friends as well as with a sweet kiss on their cheeks. Relaxing!

4. Hang-out with them



By doing this, you will be able to think that even without a partner in life, you have your family and friends to go with. You can go to parks, go shopping, or eat on your favorite restaurant.


I hope you’ll like it J Enjoy your day!


By: Melissa Ordiales