Fashion is everywhere. When the fashion you’re in to fades, there’s always this new fashion or styles that will trend which surely you would also be wanted. You even surf the net to look for the new trending styles. And most of the time, you adore the fashion styles of your favorite fashion celebrities and be dressed just as like them. To give you more ideas how to be stylish as by other celebrities, here are my top fashion goddess that will surely give you ideas how to be like them.

Anne Curtis




Multi-faceted actress Anne Curtis acts and sings, runs and parties. But among the things she does best, there is one that she enjoys the most—dressing up.

Anne is considered as a style icon as she influence the young and professional women like her. Her outfit of the day (OOTD) always gets the attention of her viewers and followers that gets thousands of likes. She really love dressing up because it gives her happiness when putting together her outfits and sometimes expresses the mood she’s into or on what occasion she would go to, she also really  exert time on preparing her OOTD in different sartorial. Even she is dressed up in her simplest way, it screams “stylish” by the way she carry herself on her dress.

Kathryn Bernardo




The Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo is a simple young lady who is an inspiration for the young and teen agers. From a young lady, she’s also now in the stage of becoming a womanhood. Kathryn Bernardo is also known to be so classy when it comes to her styles. You will notice her fashionista from her OOTDs she wear, nails, hair, accessories and make-up. They also love her when she’s wearing dresses in pastel and neutral colors. And the best thing about her is that, any dresses that she wears, classy or the simplest ones, she still looks so gorgeous on it. And she only proves that it’s not only the dresses that makes her stylish, but also her beauty and the looks.

Heart Evangelista


Heart Evangelista


From a well-known family, Heart Evangelista is a fashionista in everything she does. She makes sure that she would be in her best dress when she goes out for events, interviews or hangout with her friends and family. And in her way back years, you will really notice her fashionable OOTDs, she’s always in trends. That’s why it’s not also surprising if she had a show entitled Fashionista by Heart. She always shows up on her most stylist outfits so it’s not also surprising why many viewers are waiting for her show and you’ll definitely notice that she really knows what she’s talking about because she, herself is like that, she’s also experimenting different looks with her fierce footwear and fancy accessories.

Kim Chui


Kim Chiu


One of the most known artists, Kim Chui is liked by many because she serves as an inspiration for them because of her good personality. Many also got attracted to her by the way she dresses up. Aside from being so beautiful, she’s also good on putting together her outfits which really liked by the people who adore her fashion styles. And they said, whatever she wear, she looks so gorgeous. The way she carry herself, from head to toe that really even make her look so amazing. And that she really deserved to win the ASAP Pop Viewers Choice Awards for Female Fashionista Category in the years 2010-2011, 2013. That’s why many want to dressed up like her.


Angel Aquino


Angel Aquino


Turning 42 this February 7, Angel Aquino is still becoming more beautiful and younger looking as she aged. You will really not guess her real age when you saw her wearing different clothes that really makes her so fashionable. Most of the people especially in the showbiz world, said that her beauty really never fades. Any dresses that you gave her to wear, even a pants and a shirt, it really fits for her and still looks so fabulous despite of her age.

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By: Maj Serrano