Santa Claus is coming to town! Who is never excited for Christmas? All most all of us especially kids are very excited when BER months comes. They’re so excited to receive their gifts or what we call “papasko” their godparents, aunts, and parents. Christmas is not just for kids; even teenagers are still getting their “papasko” or gifts from their godparents. I guess adults and oldies are not excited because this holiday season is very costly for them (just kidding),  for sure they’re also excited since most of the families take advantage of the holiday to have a family reunion.

Before the month of December come, we usually shop items as our gifts to our loved ones, friends, and families. But buying gifts is not that easy. When you’re already on the malls or market, it’s hard to think or choose what gifts to buy. While some people have limited time to shop due to their work schedule. So for you not to have a hard time thinking what gifts to buy, here are some ideas. You just have to be creative J.

1. Washer Ribbon Necklace



You will need:
– 2 M of 5/8″ double-sided ribbon (Make sure both sides are the same!)
– 4 small zinc cut washers
– 2 packs (of 6) 1/2″ dia SAE washers

-7 x zinc cut washers 1/2″

How to:

Thread one of the smallest washers onto your length of ribbon, about 8″ or so from one end. Follow lacing instructions below, adding washers on in this order:
(S= small washer, M=medium washer, L=large washer)






Make sure you under lap the washers as you add each new one; the new one goes underneath the previous one. And they’re single-sided (a shiny side, and a matter side), so make sure you’re keeping the same side out for each one as you add it on!
Leave 6-8″ on the end once you’re done, and tie the end of the ribbon. You can also treat the ends with Fray-Stop, or fold them over twice and stitch a narrow hem to encase the edges.

2. Fabric Keychain


For this project you will need:

  • 2 coordinating fabrics
  • 1 strip of fusible interfacing
  • 1 purse strap clip
  • 4 inches ribbon
  • matching thread

First, cut your fabric so that you have a strip of each material that measures 2.75 (2 and 3/4) inches by 13 inches. Cut 1 strip of your fusible interfacing to measure .75 inches by 12 inches.


Iron both strips of coordinating fabrics a 1/4 of an inch down both sides with the right-side of the fabric face down on your ironing board. You can use a piece of card stock paper to fold the material over to give you a nice even hem line.


When both fabrics have been ironed, fold the material in half length-wise and iron. Be careful to match the edges up nicely.


Take your strip of fusible interfacing and place it evenly between your two coordinating fabrics. Make sure the folds of each ironed fabric are on opposite sides.

Iron these together. This will temporarily fuse the top and bottom materials together so they are easier to sew, and will make your key chain a little sturdier.

Now sew along both edges of the key chain. Sewed fairly close to the edge which was about an 1/8 inch seam.

Now, take your purse clip and slide it onto the key chain. Be sure that the clip is on top of the material you want to be on the outside of your key chain. Place the two raw edges so that one is overlapping the other one about 1/4 of an inch (or to the fusible interfacing).


Sew these together using a zig-zag stitch several times back and forth so that it does not come apart.

Take your strip of 4 inch ribbon and burn the edges with a lighter or a match to seal it so they do not unravel. Do this very carefully! Move the purse clip around the key chain until the seam is about 1/4 to 1/2 an inch above the clip. Take the ribbon and wrap it around the area where the two ends have been sewn together. Tuck both ends of the ribbon to the inside of the key chain.


Pin in place and sew the top and bottom of the ribbon. Change the thread color so it matched the ribbon and was less noticeable. Remember to reinforce your seam.

And there you have it…a cute and functional key chain.



3. Lip Print Wall Art



You will need:

  • Frames
  • Paper
  • Lipstick (with variety of colors)



To create:

Apply lipstick to your lips. Kiss a piece of paper over and over until the color fades. Reapply lipstick but this time use different shades and create layers of multi-colored smooches. Finish off by placing your personalized artwork in a frame. P.S.- get creative with a cluster of frames in varying sizes. You can give it to your boyfriend or to your “kikay” friend.

4. DIY Art for Kids Room





  • Cartolina (black)
  • Toy Cars
  • Frame
  • Glue Gun
  • Paper
  • Scissor

To Create:

Draw a letter you want and cut it according to the size you want. Just make sure that it will fit to your frame. Then, cut small strip of paper for the road.  Paste on the paper of the frame. Paste the toy cars on the road you made using the glue gun and frame it.

5. Wall Picture Collage


Here are all the things that I bought.

  • pictures you want to use
  •  2 20×30 foam core boards
  • poster hanger thingies
  • foam brushes
  • double sided tape
  • mod podge


First drew out a plan.


Then cut some computer paper first, and make sure it would work before you cut up your pictures. Then laid them all out on the floor in the order that you wanted them, and then taped them down with double sided tape.


Then paint it mod podge all over it.


This is the scary part cause it feels like you are about to ruin the pictures! But don’t worry, it does dry clear. Let it dry overnight and hung it up the next morning. Here’s the view from the living room.



Another good thing about the DIY projects? It lets your creative juices flow and making gift-giving a whole lot fun!


By: Wendy Atienza